P.O. Box 29
Colorado Springs, CO 80901


Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering, University of the Pacific, 1975
Masters Degree, Oral Roberts University, 1979
Registered Professional engineering in Colorado, #17931 California #28150 & Ohio 67379


Over 25 years of engineering and engineering management experience. Michael is the founder and served for 20 years as the CEO of Engineering Ministries International – an architectural and engineering firm specializing in designing development projects around the world. During his tenure he managed and designed over 300 projects in 63 nations. In addition he maintained an active personal consulting practice specializing in structural engineering. Design projects and countries served are too numerous to list.


3/1986 – Present
Michael Orsillo Consulting
Colorado Springs

Structural Engineer

Concurrent with founding and directing EMI, Michael also established a personal structural consulting practice. The projects included residential and commercial. Major buildings included the Cliff House Hotel (5 story wood construction), The Spirit of Christ Catholic Church (25,000 sq ft masonry and steel structure), Combie Bible Church and One City Center; a major innovative reconstruction project at the very center of Colorado Springs. Since March of 2001 he has turned this part time work into a thriving business.

3/1981 – 3/2001
Engineering Ministries International, Inc
Colorado Springs

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Founded, managed and developed this non-profit organization to become the leader in providing Architectural and Engineering services to non-profit organization working in developing countries. EMI grew by an average of 35% in all of the last three years. It mobilized over 1000 design professionals to serve those in need in 63 nations of the world.

Projects included hospitals, schools, orphanages, bridges, water supplies and electric generation.

11/1979 - 7/1986
US Army Fort Carson
Colorado Springs

Chief of Operations, Dept of Engineering GS 13

Beginning as a highway engineer, Mr. Orsillo progressed quickly to managing some 400-construction workers. The work included overseeing every facility on the 200,000-acre base. Workers were journeymen in high voltage electricity, HVAC, plumbing, carpentry, heavy equipment operation, etc.


Cable Span Suspension
Bridge, Belize
A 412’ clear span across the Belize River, design included Bridge Cables, connections, deck and foundations.

Cliff House Hotel,
Manitou Springs, CO
A $5.5 million renovation of a 5 story 1880’s wood structure. Included a prestressed concrete parking structure with drilled pier foundations.

Broadmoor Town Center
Colorado Springs, CO
A 100,000 sq ft retail center built with masonry and structural steel. The facades include conical shapes towers, trapezoids, inverted pyramids and other unique geometries.

Spirit of Christ, Catholic
Church, Arvada, CO
This $ 6.5 million project includes structural brick shear walls, two 125 ft steel tube trusses, and large glulam beams. A unique pentagon shaped chapel utilizing a steel compression & tension ring holding up a 3 dimensional space-frame.


Mr. Orsillo has led design teams of from 3-15 architects, engineers, surveyors, geologists and draftsmen to do on site investigation, fieldwork and to complete the designs of some 300-development projects. Countries include: Niger, Kenya, Zambia, Jamaica, St. Kitts/Nevis, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, China, Micronesia, American Samoa, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Syria, Turkey and the USA. Projects include numerous structures, water systems, on-site sanitation systems, bridges, hydroelectric systems, and low cost housing.